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We love creating content and fostering a community of multi-talented developers. If this resonates with you or your business, then you should join us in this journey!

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Our community is small, but very tight-knit and active. We rely on the strategy and generosity of our partners to keep creating great content for our audience. If your business would like very direct exposure to a private group of very elite developers, than look no further! We accept sponsorship in the following forms:

  • Sponsor - If you have a product or service that fits nicely within our ecosystem, then we can publish screencast or article tutorials for you. The costs vary based on the complexity of the tutorial. Contact us to tell us your idea!
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  • Connect - We will never call ourselves head hunters. However, we are extremely well connected to developers of all levels of experience and talent. We will happily make introductions to help connect you to the right person, with all the hassle of hiring a staffing agency.