UI Freebie: Tinder Dating App Design Template

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Preview of Dating App Template

Everyone loves freebies, and designers rely on UI kits just like developers rely on frameworks. We made this design while working on an upcoming product that we are launching, and decided that the few iterations before the final would be useful for other designers. Artboards and groups are pretty well organized in this file, and the UI components and landing pages make for a great starting point for a number of different apps including a dating app design. This UI kit also features:

  • Home page
  • Form elements
  • Alerts and modals
  • Information messages
  • Profile view
  • Multiple layers of navigation
  • Badges
  • Collections
  • Spider chart

We hope you enjoy, and if you find this UI Kit valuable, don’t forget to send out a quick thanks and share to @thinkclay and @UnicornHQ on twitter or better yet, help us out by downloading the full Sexy Mobile Design Kit!